What are the signs of feeding bad apples to your dogs?


As every pet owner tries everything to provide his pet the essential nutrient as recommended from the veterinarian, there is so much difference you will get to see between the human food and commercial dog food. The reason is simple there is nothing that can satisfy your dog with natural ingredients and the most popular of them are fruits. As dogs mainly love to eat every fruit but the most famous of them all is none other than apples. They have become the most important part of their daily diet plan and also contained so many benefits that you can only see when you give it to your pet. A lot of dog owners truly did not know to see the difference in fresh apples and bad apples they think that fresh apples are the humans and dogs can ever eat any type of apple served to them.

Sometimes it is very difficult to see which apples are perfect for your dogs, especially when they become their most favorite treat or snack. It is your responsibility to search and figure out on your own. Have you ever notice that giving a bad apple to your dog to feed and he refuses to eat because dogs naturally can smell what taste suits to their mouth.

With that being said below we have listed some real facts about what are signs of feeding bad apples to your dogs to help you understand which are the signs of bad apples, what will happen if you accidently serve one of them to your pet, how many amount of apple you should allow your dog to eat on daily basis, andis there any perfect way to feed the apples your pet will enjoy mostly.

  • Which are the signs of bad apples?

It is the duty of the pet owner to clearly identify the bad apples before he tries to feed his dog. There are few signs of bad apples which you should know because in that way it will certainly help and works perfectly to your pet’s health such as,

  1. a) Dehydrated
  2. b) Rotten
  3. c) Seeds and stems
  4. d) Too small and soft
  • What will happen if you accidently serve one of them to your pet?

You will see that once you serve any of the bad apples to your dog then the outcome will be on your hands. Dogs likes to eat juicy apples filled with water and it needs tobe perfect condition otherwise they can bring harm to your pet in big way. They will develop severe stomach problems or could have disliked the apples no matter how many times you feed them.

  • How many amount of apple you should allow your dog to eat on daily basis?

It is highly recommended that you only allow your dog to eat one apple in a day if it is very important otherwise set them for occasionally. Because too much apples can ruin its digestive system and you won’t be able to fix it.

  • Is there any perfect way to feed the apples your pet will enjoy mostly?

There are some dogs that loved to eat apples in all kind of ways, when you clearly see that can dogs eat green apples then you should try and approach a different way to see their reaction. You can give them freeze apples or at least small slices which they really enjoy because in that way they won’t get dehydrated and the water remain in them for longer time and it is an excellent way to bring joy on your pet’s healthy life.

Instagram Celebrity profiles and money making


Common people like us use our Instagram accounts to make every day regular posts. The pictures we share on Instagram are often of our pets, our friends, what we had for dinner last night, where we went for the movie today and the list goes on. Instagram has become a necessary and basic part of our life style. One of the most common things we do has actually become checking the number of follower we have now. Well, the great news is that it is now possible to buy real instagram followers.You can purchase real Instagram views online according to your budget. The more you invest the more will be your views.

However, it is easier for celebrities to do that but do they need it though? The posts they make are not about the sandwich they had for lunch but are actually about the extravagant sets they shot scenes on, the exotic locations they are vacationing in etc. But there is a whole depth behind the countless posts these celebrities make and allow people a glimpse into their personal lives. It is the hundreds and thousands of dollars involved in every post. All this money comes from three things put together; instagram followers, total vies of each posts and of course the sponsored brands.

How much money do stars charge?

Behind the hundreds of posts you see by the millions of celebrities worldwide in a day is a lot of money involved. However, an easy estimate showed that the amount of money people, specifically sponsors are willing to invest in the celebrity’s profiles is highly dependent on how many followers they have and that is where the idea for actually selling active followers came from. A star, from any part of the world, is assumed to charge up to minimally 15 thousand dollars for a single post. The dollars soar up as the followers keep increasing.

Celebrity Instagram profiles with most followers

There are countless celebrity profiles that have been topping the charts with the maximum number of active followers. These celebrities have the power and the money to buy instagram followers.Some of the few top celebrities in ascending order are

  • Selene Gomez is the currently the highest ranked celebrity on instagram with over 79 million+ active users following her
  • Second to her is best friend Taylor Swift who is merely lagging behind by 2 million fans and is currently being followed by 77 million+ followers
  • Known for her music and eccentric style, Arianna Grande is close behind with 72+ million fans following her posts
  • Beyoncé is known as the pop queen who has been ruling the music industry for years now. She has over 71 million follower on Instagram
  • Kim Kardashian is the ultimate reality television Queen who has gained immense fame within years because of her lethal combination of beauty and brains. Her 70 million+ fans are loyally following every posts she makes
  • The ex-beau of the Instagram Queen, Justin Beiber is not far and with 68+ million followers ranks on 6th position

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